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Welcome to ASPIRE !

My Sean Samnang, a founder & president of Aspire Training & Education a school for poor, homeless and orphaned children in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. I would like to inform you about ASPIRE, currently the ASPIRE has 96 students who is learning for free education. I’m providing 24 hours care for 20 children at ASPIRE from backgrounds of extreme poverty and deprivation. They're ages range between 5-16 years old, some of them has never been to school before.

The ASPIRE program is 5 days or 20 hours per week, from Monday to Friday, on morning at (8:30 AM – 10:30 AM) and afternoon at (1: 00 PM – 4:00 PM)  to teach ( English, computer, traditional Khmer dancing  & musical instrument, cleaning area vegetable garden, to grow tree fruits, raise chickens and  fish pond ), sport to play a soccer and volleyball,...etc.

I created the ASPIRE on 14th November 2012, with my honestly I started to build from nothing and now a lot of progressing at ASPIRE for helping the poor children families in my community, called ASPIRE Training and Education (Case number 3385). All the project is happened, 30% donations, 30% borrowed money from bank and 40% from my business for buying and selling land for building a school and guest house “ The View Garden Villa ” for volunteers to stay, and asking them to pay for their accommodation for running cost of the school project, I didn’t have any more business.

The currently I’m worrying to find the money to pay for bank loan and running cost of school as ( teacher’s wage, gasoline, electricity bill, internet & children’s food ), all this things I have to pay $ 3, 890.70 US per month. The income I will get it from donations $600 per month, $500 from volunteering for accommodation and sometime any more money we are owing from market. This amount is not enough for running the school, always my wife own money at market to help me to pay for that. What can I do? I can not support for all this things, if I don’t have more sponsor from you to continue for supporting on the project of ASPIRE. Your donation are very important for helping the children to get a better life in the future.


Aspire Training & Education ( ASPIRE school ) free education for poor, homeless and orphaned children from impoverished families living in a community in Siem Reap province, Cambodia. We are located 7kms east of central Siem Reap, on National Road 6. Currently the ASPIRE is providing free education for 96 children, offering them education & protection, and ASPIRE aims to help 200 children from this community in the Trang village. We are struggling to find sponsorship for running costs of the school project, making the provision of this project difficult. We are fully reliant on visitors to offer assistance at ASPIRE and help in whatever way they can.


We welcome volunteers and are reliant on financial and item donations. Regular donations can be targeted to the needs of one specific child by way of child sponsorship. We currently have some children who are part of our child sponsorship scheme and are looking to expand in order to allow for more of our children to benefit from this.


Dear reader, we are very low on finances at this point ( December 2012 ) and desperately need more donations to help us pay for even the basic things, such as food and clothes.  If you are able to donate any amount, we would be so grateful.  Some of our supporters have set up donation webpages to make donations easier, so now you can pay by debit or credit card in British Pounds (GBP) or Australian Dollars (AUD), or you can pay US Dollars directly into our bank account by transfer below:

webpages to make donations easier, so now you can pay by debit or credit card in British Pounds (GBP) or Australian Dollars (AUD), or you can pay US Dollars directly into our bank account by transfer below:




Bank Account Details:



No. 315, Corner St, Ang Duong & Monivong Blvd.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia



Account No: 008-0000-576-388




Who we are, what we do and what we want to achieve at ASPIRE


 Hello and welcome to the Aspire Training & Education website. This is a very exciting time for us at ASPIRE. The ASPIRE school was established in 2012 and is a registered is non-governmental, non-profit NGO school. At ASPIRE, we believe everyone is equal and each person is worthy of the chance of having a better way of life. As one who received a chance and has succeeded due to  support, I know how valuable chances are. The purpose of our programme is to give these vulnerable children that same opportunity, by contributing and assisting them in their efforts. You will find ways to support our projects on the pages of this website under the Sponsorship and Project sections. You can also donate directly to ASPIRE under the Donate section of the website.


We fulfill the basic rights to food, shelter, protection and education for the 15 children living with us but we can only continue to do so through generous donation.


All volunteers are welcome to visit ASPIRE and learn more about our children A donation for even just one of the children from you will also help others. If you look at our photo section you will see the various activities that the children enjoy. These activities have been donated by voluntary teachers and generous visitors, many of whom have given their time and resources, adding to the opportunities we can offer our children, such as Khmer traditional dance, music, ASPIRE's souvenir shop and sports activities. I would like all these wonderful people to know how thankful we all are for their generous efforts on behalf of our children. We appreciate each and every one of them. Every adult who has worked at the previous orphanage did so as a volunteer. No salaries were paid to anyone, and have not been for some time, but everyone who lives here receives their board and lodging. Adults and children share the same basic but healthy lifestyle, and all eat the same simple but nutritious meals.


ASPIRE Training & Education for the Poor, Homeless and Orphaned Children


Mr. Sean Samnang decided to open a school and help to educate the children in Siem Reap. So on 14th November 2012, he started building a school called ASPIRE Training and Education School (Case number 3385) which will be big enough to teach up to 200 students. The project will be complete hopefully within 4 years but it depends on the amount of donations we can find. There are still 96 children learning at the school, with an on-going programme for continued development. The children still depend absolutely on the generosity and compassion of passing tourists to provide their daily food, clothing, school expenses and all other basic needs. Sean and his wife Borey have four children, theirteen years old son David, six years old daughter Alisa, four year old daughter Sophie, two and half  years old and last one son is Roland. They live with their extended ASPIRE family on the site at Trang Village. Sean has previously helped 5 ex-students into the work force and wishes to continue in doing so for all the children under his care.

Sean Samnang with some of the children

The donation from The Leap in UK !