Donations | Aspire School & Orphanage, Siem Reap, Cambodia

How does ASPIRE find the funds?


The ASPIRE’s main source of funding is provided by the generosity of tourists traveling through Siem Reap, who come to visit and donate money to feed the children of ASPIRE. These contributions are essential for us tor feed the children and meet the other running costs of the orphanage.

When you donate to our fund for the urgent costs of running the program, your contribution will go directly towards buying rice, food, cooking supplies, meats, fishes, vegetables, shampoo, soap, diesel, gasoline, and basic medical supplies. In addition to these costs, we require funding for long term maintenance and improvement of ASPIRE.


Dear reader, we are very low on finances at this point (December 2017) and desperately need more donations to help us pay for even the basic things, such as food and clothes.  If you are able to donate any amount, we will be very grateful.  Some of our supporters have set up donation webpages to make donations easier, so now you can pay by debit or credit card in British Pounds (GBP) or Australian Dollars (AUD) or you can pay US Dollars directly into our bank account below:







ANZ Royal bank (Cambodia) Ltd,

20 Kramuon Sar & Corner of Street 67

Name : Aspire Training & Education

Account name : 2-73-52-62

Swift Code : ANZBKHPP 








We are in need of sponsors to start to building our new dorms and classrooms for the children of ASPIRE. We are hoping to receive some help with this project from the sponsors, but it is a big venture, and we need to raise money ourselves in order for them to consider matching it. At present we are supporting for 80 children from the community between the ages of 5 and 16 (9 girls & 21 boys). Two of these children are orphans, 8 children have only one living parent who is unable for reasons of illness or extreme poverty to provide any care, and 20 of our children have parents who again are unable to care for them because of illness or grinding poverty. Life is very hard if a parent cannot find any form of paid work. Our children each eat three meals a day, which costs about US$2.50 per child. In addition, we need to clothe them with both school uniforms and play clothes, provide shoes, mosquito nets, and mats for their beds (and they would love the comfort of mattresses). We must have medical and school supplies, detergent, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste and we need petrol for our tuk-tuk and diesel for our generator, since we have no electricity on site. The generator is used only when absolutely necessary; it fires the computer, and we must constantly press “Save” in case the generator fails, as it frequently does. It also provides some television viewing for the children when it is too dark to play outside. Donations in cash or in person are very much appreciated and however small the gift, it helps us in our daily struggle to provide the daily basic needs of fifty children and 9 caretakers.


How you can help!

If you come to visit ASPIRE and would like to make a donation, please fill out the ASPIRE Visitors Book and tell us what you would like us to use your donation for, and you will receive a copy of the ASPIRE Donation Receipt. Additionally, if you place your donations in the ASPIRE Charity Box, you will receive an ASPIRE Certificate of Appreciation with the amount of your donations, a small gift from ASPIRE for your kindness.


If you make a donation from your home, please pay with the following:


Donations are essential to us for feeding the children this time !
The Tourists Group of TMC CP Humphreys !

On 3rd of June, we have received a donation $222 US and clothes from Mrs. Maria Roering & tourists group of TMC CP Humphreys for support the children of Aspire, thank you so much for your appreciation.


On behalf of the staff and the children of Aspire, we would like to say think you so much to Mr. Timo Gerdes & friends, Germnay, who donated $ 1,700 US on 12th April, 2016 for support the dormitory project for the children of Aspire.  




First     2 

On 13th Nov, 2012, we received $US 18, 187.64for land payment. All this donations from dealers of Subaru Uk as Mervyn Jill Wills, Bobby & Aline Bell, Ben & Rachel Shimmin, Richard Cole & Sarah Cole, Tony & Paula Slack, Andrew & Michelle McGlone, Mark

Thank you so much to Oslo Shipbrokers, Balansekvinnen, SL Interior and Eva - Elisabeth Knudtzon who donated $3,450 US Dollars for children's food and a building for sewing clothes for selling to raise money for running cost of Aspire on 16th January, 2017

Thank you so much for Rochelle Bold and family are making the donations $1,776 US every year for support the children of ASPIRE. This donations are very important for running cost of orphanage, the money payment on 01st August, 2015 until 01st August, 2016.

Thank you so much, Ellen the Manager of Explore World International Cultural Exchange Institude Co.Lte & teacher with student of 2+1 Program - the Second High School Attached to Beijing Normal University International Division in China for donations $1,307 US Dollars for support the children's food and building project of Aspire on 16th February, 2017.

On 8th February 2015, Mr. Peter Macdonald came to visit us again. He was so happy to see what I built a kitchen for the children and he will be more help for school project. Thank you so much for his appreciation.

It is very lovely kids of Aspire School, today on 26th of June, 2015, Lorna & Susan, the volunteers of Aspire to make a party for our children, after they are finished the volunteer work.

Thank you so much to Mr. David Baggerman a volunteer from Workaway to donated 1 ton of rice on 27th of June, 2016 for support the children of Aspire.

Thank you so much, Seah Chin Ping & Team for donations $3,170 US Dollars for support the children's food and building project of ASPIRE on 10th March, 2017.