News | Aspire School & Orphanage, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Organic Farm

At ASPIRE we have build an organic farm where vegetables and tree fruits can be gardened, as well as a chicken coop.

This gives the chance to children to learn about agriculture, and to obtain the powerful sense of reward after investing time and work into something; in this case, taking care of plants.






Activities and learning possibilities that WWOOFers may engage:


1. To clean and separate the soil;

2. Drying the soil during a few days;

3. Mixing the soil and natural fertilizer (manure);

4. Select crop seeds to grow;

5. Watering and daily maintenance.


We are very confident in training the volunteers so that they have experience growing crops and vegetables. We also have other activities if they are interested to teach English for children, building, learning Khmer language, Khmer traditional dance and classical music, etc.  




Welcome to our Aspire School and we invite you to our lobby with the following programs:


- Presentation and introduction of the history and experience of the founder-Director

- Aspire's main goals in future plans for the children (honesty is the key to success). The participant's can address questions to Mr. Sean Samnang (founder-Director)

- The Schedule activities for volunteer programs

- Tour guide around the Aspire school


Possible activities of participants at Aspire School & farming:


- Explain how to growing the vegetable gardening

- Teach English to children and playing games with them

- Help for building and cleaning environment

- Plant tree fruits

- Take a tour guide to the city market and buy some crop seeds

- See the sunset and sunrise at the rooftop of Aspire Home Stay

- Take a village tour to the country side and meet extreme poor families from the community

- Picnic and swimming at Baray Tuek Thla

- See Angkor Wat temples at weekend

- Watch traditional Khmer dance performances, kindly showed by children of Aspire

- Receive certificate of completion at the end of the staying